Tony Banks Ministries, Inc.
"Manifesting the Mind"
International Marketplace Ministry
3855 Warm Springs Road
Columbus [USA], 
Tony Banks Ministries 
Twitter: @tbanksministry

Marketplace: Workplace Reflects Worship        

Tony Banks is the Bishop of  Life Changing Church and Host of the Kingdom Builders Show. Tony Banks Ministries (TBm) is a Ministry, Management and Marketing Organization, dedicated to training and providing positive exposure to those serving the Body of Christ, and support to the poor and needy. TBm is a 501(c)(3) organization.


MISSION- To impact the Kingdom of God by empowering and encouraging Christians to live as good and faithful stewards of God.

VISION- TBm shall be a teaching ministry that is reaching [finding], teaching [feeding] and seeding [financing] into others that they may live life more abundantly.

SALVATION can't be earned; we are saved by the Grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ. Salvation is simple, yet it requires A.C.T.S.!

"Dear Lord Jesus,
I ACKNOWLEDGE I am a sinner; I CONFESS Jesus as Lord and through his death, burial and resurrection, I am now whole; I freely TURN from a life of sin; and SUBMIT to your will--your way.


What's to Come

TBM Annual Cruise 2016
June 9-13, The Bahamas (Freeport & Nassau), 800/819-3902 Samantha@Ext 85756. CLICK HERE

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